A great R&B band will make your wedding reception, corporate party, or special event come alive. R&B bands (sometimes called dance bands or variety bands) perform the top dance hits that you and your party guests know and love. A truly versatile R&B band plays this particular style of music and has the ability to mix in a little variety of material from pop, contemporary to current dance music hits if requested. Good dance music creates a potent sound and energy that ensures the musical success of your event. Your guests will be dancing and singing along to their favorite R&B band music from start to finish. Prime Source Entertainment has plenty of professional R&B bands throughout the U.S., so book or hire an R&B band for your next party! Hiring the right R&B band can be challenging, but not with Prime Source Entertainment Group! Here are tips for booking the perfect oldies dance bands for your special event:

1. Listen to audio and watch video of as many R&B bands as you can. Prime Source Entertainment Group has hundreds of R&B bands and the typical cover band has multiple audio and video samples available on our website.

2. Thoroughly read client feedback. Many of our entertainment buyers who have booked or hired an R&B band with us have given us feedback about their experiences.

3. Book early. A great R&B band might need to be booked 3 to 6 months in advance.

4. Our agents are here to help. Call us today so we can help with any questions you may have. We will discuss details like power, stage size, song lists, and announcements along with any other items that if handled on the front end, will make your event simple and flawless.