My So-Called Band

Genre: 90’s Bands, Cover Bands, Dance Bands, Fraternity & Sorority Bands, Funk Bands, R&B Bands, Rehearsal Dinner Bands , Rock Bands, Show Bands, Tribute Bands, Variety Bands, Wedding Bands
Location: Nashville, TN

About The Band

My So-Called Band is a Nashville dance band that will lead you on a nostalgic journey through the live soundtrack of the 90s!

My So-Called Band loves music! This party band does is not just a "cover band". My So-Called Band is an all-star roster of Nashville-based studio and touring professionals.

This variety band is dedicated to performing these songs exactly the way they sound on your mix CDs. You should think of My So-Called Band as “The Dream Team.”

Hip-hop boldly reinvented itself- nothing will ever top Biggie, Tupac or the magical combo of Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog. En Vogue, R. Kelly & Aaliyah took mainstream R&B far beyond anything we’d heard before. From Ace of Base to Britney and Mariah, the 90’s wrote the pop perfection blueprint that is still being used today. These were the years of alternative rock radio’s time in the sun - Green Day, The Cranberries & Third Eye Blind ruled the airwaves, while Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails & Red Hot Chili Peppers raged against the machine.

My So-Called Band starting five has played live music for such acts as Ben Folds, The Pink Spiders, Tristen, The Privates, Lifeboy, De Novo Dahl, Feable Weiner, Hotpipes & many, many others, as well as working with producers Ric Ocasek, Jerry Harrison, Roger Moutenot, Dave Fridmann, Matt Mahaffey, etc. 

Rotating in and out of the live performance, previous and current special guest performers have worked with Wanda Jackson, Deer Tick, The Nobility, Johnny Corndawg (Johnny Fritz), Caitlin Rose, Wild Cub, etc.

Featuring Dave Paulson (The Privates, Character, Esposito), Dan Sommers (Happy Little Trees, Poly, Hotpipes), Keith Lowen (The Privates, De Novo Dahl, The Comfies, Lifeboy), Joshua Watson (Bravo Max, Matt Friction & the Cheap Shots, The Comfies, Feable Weiner), Sam Smith (Ben Folds, The Comfies, Lifeboy), Larissa Maestro (Poly), Jerry Pentecost, Kristin Weber, Amanda Broadway, Kyshona Armstrong, Aaron Robinson (Pale Houses), Benjamin A. Harper (Magnolia Sons), Sean Williams (The Nobility), Matt Friction (The Pink Spiders) and more.

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Available For:

College Bands, Corporate Events, Fraternity/Sorority Parties, Nightclubs, Private Parties, Wedding Bands


Our repertoire contains hundreds of 90s hits!

4 Non Blondes


Ace of Base


Alanis Morissette

Beastie Boys


Bell Biv Devoe

Better Than Ezra

Blind Melon

Blink 182


Boyz II Men

Britney Spears


C+C Music Factory



Collective Soul

Counting Crows

Cypress Hill


Destiny’s Child

Dr. Dre/Snoop



En Vogue

Eve 6



Fiona Apple

Foo Fighters

Fresh Prince/DJ Jazzy Jeff

Garth Brooks

Gin Blossoms

Goo Goo Dolls

Green Day

Guns N’ Roses


Harvey Danger 

Hootie & The Blowfish

House of Pain

John Cougar Mellencamp


Lisa Loeb



Mariah Carey

Marilyn Manson

MC Hammer

Melissa Etheridge


Michael Jackson

Montell Jordan

Natalie Imbruglia

Naughty By Nature

New Radicals 

Nine Inch Nails


No Doubt

Notorious B.I.G.


Pearl Jam

R. Kelly


Rage Against the Machine

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ricky Martin

Right Said Fred 


Shania Twain

Sheryl Crow

Sinéad O’Connor

Sir Mix-A-Lot

Sixpence None the Richer 

Smashing Pumpkins

Spice Girls

Stone Temple Pilots


Sugar Ray

Tag Team 

The Cranberries

The Flaming Lips

The Offspring

The Presidents of the United States of America 

The Proclaimers

The Toadies

The Verve

The Wallflowers 

Third Eye Blind


Tom Petty


Warren G


And many more!