Why use an agency instead of booking the band directly?

How many bands have you booked in the past? Do you know which bands are dependable? What are the best bands available for your event?

There are several advantages to using a talent agency when booking your event. An agency will offer you a wider variety of acts than you can find on your own. Also, agents have years of experience helping clients pick the perfect band for their event and specifically agents only work with proven dependable acts. Why take the risk on your own?

In addition, each show is guaranteed with professional contracts which reduces miscommunication and virtually eliminates cancellations. Good agents don't walk away once the event is booked. They will help in the advance of the show/event and make sure all of the communications are complete to insure your event goes off without a hitch.

Some buyers express a concern that working with an agency means they will pay more for the band. Agents do work on commission. However, agents can negotiate better prices because we know what the band normally gets and an inexperienced buyer does not. Think about it, if someone asks you what you charge to provide a service for them, will you ask one price but will take less to do the service? Bands are no different than you are and it is the agent's job to know this. History proves that good agents are worth their weight in gold!

Posted by: Admin on 04 Jan 2010

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