What do I need to book a band for my wedding?

Let's start with the stage or stage area. Dance bands typically need a stage, performance area or floor space of approximately 20'x12', but that is not a hard and fast rule as some bands may take up more or less room. Jazz or acoustic trios or quartets may be able to fit in a space 16'x12' or smaller, while a larger 10 or 12 piece dance bands may need 24'x16' or larger. The band will try to make it work for you and your reception location, but please discuss any unusual stage/area constraints with your agent prior to booking.

How long will my band play?

Bands will generally take a few short breaks in a 3 to 4 hour event, but they are happy to schedule breaks to accommodate the natural flow of your reception (cutting your cake or taking pictures). A lot of bands are now offering continuous music now. Always ask the question when discussing you band with your agent. They want to play as much music as possible!

How long will it take to set up and load out?

Some bands typically need access to the stage area to set up 2 to 3 hours prior to a performance, and it often takes 1 to 2 hours to break down their equipment after they play (this may vary depending on the size and style of your band).
What else do I need to do? Since most bands have traveled to your venue, they will need a place to change clothes and lock up their valuables. Will they be hungry? Of course you know the answer. If possible, offer them a warm meal. This will keep them at the venue and keep things on time.

Now that this is all done, sit back, enjoy the music and make memories!

Posted by: Admin on 29 Dec 2009

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