Top Five FAQs

What is the process of hiring a band?

Every event is different. You should begin by determining the type of music you’re looking for, the type of event, the nature of your guests and audience, and your budget. Based on these criteria, you need to acquire, videos, photos, bios, and songlists on several dance bands. The most important thing is reviews! Thoroughly check the reviews we have on our website for dance bands you are considering if you can’t go see the band perform.

Once you’ve decided on a band, let us know! 


How far in advance should I book a band?

To secure the band you want, do not wait until the last minute! We recommend within the year of the date you need the band to perform by, generally 3 to 9 months in advance. For weddings and holiday parties, 6 to 12 months is a good guideline. The longer you wait, generally means that fewer artists will be available! 


Why should I work with an agency to hire a band?

There are several advantages to using a talent agency. An agency will offer you a wider variety of bands than you can find on your own. Also, agents have years of experience helping clients pick the perfect band for their event in the area your event is to be held in.

Some buyers express a concern that working with an agency means they will pay more for the band. Agents do earn commission on each show, however, they normally get bands at better prices because they deal with them on a regular basis and know how much they typically get paid (as opposed to what they will quote to an inexperienced buyer). In most cases, agents will save you money.

By working with an agency like Prime Source Entertainment, you will not have to worry about any details or contracts that can be missed while planning a large wedding or event! 


What is sound/production/PA?

This refers to the sound and lighting system needed for a band to perform a show. In most cases, dance bands bring their own sound and lighting systems. Always ask if the band will be providing this. If not, you will have to contract this through a sound company or if you are dealing with an agency, your agent can make these arrangements.


How much do bands cost?

For a great party or wedding band, you can expect to pay something in the $2,500-20,000 range. The actual price depends on a number of factors such as the date of the event, location, travel, and production requirements.

Posted by: tereysalehnertz on 26 Jun 2018

Booking a live band through Prime Source Entertainment Group is easy. Listen to audio samples, read bios, watch video clips, read client reviews, visit our Facebook to see photos and reviews and compare live bands.

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