How to Choose a Band That is Right For Your Wedding Day.

A wedding band can make or break your wedding reception. It’s very important to choose a wedding band that will play the music that you and your guests enjoy, and be able to keep the party going all night long! When searching for the right dance band for your wedding, keep these five tips in mind:

Match the Mood

Choosing what style you wish your wedding to be helps the live entertainment planning process. If the wedding is formal with black tie attire, you might wish to have a prelude of cocktail music as guests enter, followed by a high-energy dance band that will play all the top hits of today! Check out the Atlanta Allstars if you want this mood for your wedding!

If you are seeking an alternative form of entertainment, a DJ could be the way to go! They can play any song you wish! Dj Drums is one of many interactive DJs that will be dancing in the crowd with your guests! Need a regular DJ, a saxaphone, club music? It's your pick! Match the mood with your style and your wedding reception will be exactly what you envision!

The Value of Booking a Cover Band

Those of you who take your music seriously may never, ever consider employing a cover band for your wedding. But you should! Wedding receptions and rehearsal dinner parties are gatherings of your past, like family and high school reunions, as much as they’re celebrations of your future. Having familiar songs on the soundtrack while you and your bride dance the night away can bring out the memories and help to unite a very eclectic guest list (give me a little old lady and a limbo stick, and I will show you a very happy crowd). Plus, a wedding just isn’t a wedding unless you get a little bit louder now with “Shout!”

Live Dance Bands Know Weddings

Do want to bring the house down with the energy of a live band? Live bands have dancers with the full glitz and glam! Dance bands know how to kick start a wedding reception with a full on show! How? The stage is fronted by engaging men and women who keep the festivities on track between songs.

Weigh in on the Playlist

Do you have specific songs that you want played on your special day? Check out our band's songlists! You’ll want to make sure to check on your potential dance band before you do any hiring to make sure they can play the songs you wish! This is one thing we as booking agents can help with. We will make sure you're happy with your song selection!

Leave Your Spotify at Home

The beauty of accessing music on your phone is that you can have hours and hours of music that you have personally picked and organized at your finger tips. It’s so easy that you may think you can save yourself musical costs altogether and be your own DJ. We advise you to save your body-rockin’ for another occasion. For starters, you will be stressing out if your cellular device goes on the fritz the day of! More importantly, this is just one more responsibility that you just don’t want to deal with on your wedding day. If you’re on a limited budget (and don’t plan to have a lot of dancing at your wedding) consider this option as a last resort. There is such a wide variety of dance bands out there for different prices, you would be better off booking or hiring a band. In the long run, you will not regret spending a little extra for a “Once in a Lifetime” event like your wedding

Posted by: tereysalehnertz on 02 Jul 2018

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